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Emergency Number:

To report a service outage or service problem:
Call the District Office at

(325) 388-4559







Documents / Forms

Documents Posted on District’s Web Site:  There are numerous documents posted on the District’s web site that are amended and updated periodically by the District’s Board.  Some of the documents are modified on specific schedules and others are amended at the Board’s discretion.  Therefore, please be aware that although the date on a document might be several years old, the document is not necessarily out of date.

The District’s Board makes every attempt to keep the documents on the web site current.  If you have questions about any of the documents, please feel free to send us a message using the email address on the “Contact Us” section of the web site.  We will investigate your inquiry and send you a response by reply email.

Some documents may require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, for which a link is provided in the left column of the page.

Brush – Compost Facility Map
KMUD Amended Grease Trap Order Effective January 1, 2017
KMUD Rate Order – Effective January 1, 2019
Notice to Purchaser – Effective September 10, 2018
Order No. 17-0522-01 RE: Septic Systems - Effective May 22, 2017
Understanding your Bill


Please contact the Kingsland MUD Office for information regarding new services.

ACH Bank Draft Form
ACH Draft Cancellation
Agreement for Disposal of Septic Tank Wastes
Customer Disconnect-Reconnect Form
Electrician Inspection Packet
KMUD Application for Employment
KMUD Confidentiality Notice
KMUD Transfer of Service Form
Plumber Inspection Packet
W-9 Form

Forms for Staff / Board Members