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Emergency Number:

To report a service outage or service problem:
Call the District Office at

(325) 388-4559








Mission Statement

Mission of the Kingsland Municipal Utility District (KMUD) is to provide the Kingsland area communities with the safe collection, transportation, process control and legal disposal of all domestic, industrial or communal wastewater while operating at the lowest reasonable cost and in a service oriented, forward looking responsible manner.

KMUD will also serve a leading role in improving the quality of life; safeguarding public health and further economic development of our community. The District will provide services to meet such other needs that may arise in the community as authorized under state law.

Working to Protect Kingsland's Public Health since 1972.

KMUD is a Municipal Utility District (MUD) form of government that was created on December 27, 1972, under the authority, conditions, and restrictions of Article XVI, Section 59, of the Texas Constitution. Kingsland MUD was created to provide sewer services for communities within the district's boundaries. Five board members are elected to provide oversight of a District's business. KMUD currently provides: sewer collection and treatment, septic system waste treatment, brush grinding and recycling services. MUDs have the authority to levy rates and taxes to construct, purchase and operate facilities for the District's legally defined services. Other functions MUD's can provide include: water, wastewater, storm-water control, garbage collection, road maintenance, parks, fire protection and police services if authorized by the District's voters.